The third phase, Execution Phase, is usually the longest phase in the project lifecycle and it typically consumes the most energy and the most resources.

This phase involves the execution of each activity and task listed in the Project Plan. In this phase, you will build the physical project deliverables. The Project Manager monitors and controls the activities, resources, and expenditure required to build each deliverable. This constant vigilance helps keep the project moving ahead smoothly. If you developed a good plan in the previous phase, executing the project will be much easier.

There are different visual tools that you can apply to see which deliverables have been completed to ensure that your project remains on track. We will introduce the most important ones in the next chapters.

Ask yourself the following questions during Execution:

  • Is the project on budget and on time?
  • Can resource planning be optimized?
  • Are there major roadblocks that require change management?